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5 Differences Between UI and UX Design

To create the best brownies you need both UX and UI. Seriously.
First of all, you’ll need a recipe, ingredients, kitchenware and oven. Then: mix, bake, cut, arrange on plates, serve and eat.
But what is UX and what is UI in this process? The process of manufacture is the UX, and the process of serving — UI.
What about eating? This is UX; except when it’s not UX. Will the consumer get a different experience if cakes will be served immediately from the frying pan or beautifully arranged on the plate? I would say Yes, the latter would be preferable.
In this article we will share with you five differences between UX and UI design. Let’s hope that by the end of it, you will have the best performance. I must say that, although you will notice differences — some of them are very similar to each other.
With this caveat, let’s look at some differences between them.

“UX is not UI”

UX design, or user experience design is the process which determines the need. Then draw a rough prototype, which is later confirmed (or not) by testing. When it`s confirmed by the business model and value proposition — the product is ready.

About the UI, or user interface design you can think like that:
UI design = Visual design + Interaction Design.
Visual design is how the site looks, his personality, if you like; brand. Interaction design is how people interact with your website.

And although UX and UI designers create interaction, UX designers can be considered macroseismically architects, and UI designers — creators of micro-interactions involved in the details.

The UX designer will develop user flows, steps that user would take, for example, to subscribe to the newsletter. What are the steps they will follow and how they will realize that all managed?
The draft then goes to the UI designer. The UI designer will improve these interactions by adding color and emphasizing original design, giving them tips and showing the direction of the newsletter.

“UX makes interfaces useful
UI makes beautiful interfaces”

Beneficial product meets the need, which has not experienced the market. The research process for UX designer includes competitive analysis, development of personas, and then create a minimum viable product; the product that will be valuable to your target audience. This is confirmed by testing throughout the life cycle of the product.

After the user flows and wireframes are prototyped and tested, the process proceeds to UI designer — his task will be to make it look good. This includes the color scheme and design that will be both beautiful and easy to use. However, the choice of colors, design and interaction are not based on the personal preferences of the designer, and for clearly articulated reasons specific to the person, developed by UX designers. With their help UI designers implement a visual hierarchy that will serve as a users guide that explains to them what to do and when to achieve your goal.

A well thought out hierarchy will allocate one main goal on the page letting users know where they are and what they can do at any given time. The hierarchy can handle it with the help of conventions and templates that are already familiar to users. These templates will give direction to users.

“UX helps users to achieve goals
UI creates an emotional connection”

People come to your website to do something. Maybe someone looking for a dog for a small apartment.
The UX side of things can look at people as dog lovers and try to understand what is important to them. What they value, or what they need when searching for assistance in choosing a furry friend? To understand this, they begin to work. They ask questions, observe people, interview them, can make a few prototypes and guerrilla testing to see whether they will be able to help them.

A striking design can attract to your site people, they can even stay, if there may be something to do. And when you formed a personal connection — they’re on the hook. Does your interface make them laugh? How cocky is he? Here comes the UI designer.

“First UX design is created
Then (sometimes) it creates UI design”

How UX and UI designers work together throughout the design process ?
Generally, UX design and research are the first steps in dealing with the issue of creating a product or application. UX designers spend most of the studies that allow to confirm or refute the initial idea of the product and guide its development.

After the prototype was tested several times, and it’s almost ready, UI designer comes and starts working on the visual design and micro-interactions.
However, this path is not always linear and depends on many factors. For example:
Who is involved in UX and UI?
One and the same person, or someone else, and the other team?

“UX is used in all products, interfaces and services
UI is only relevant to interfaces”

User experience design is a vast field, and every day it becomes more and more popular. Nowadays, not only companies that use the web, but many other who is developing products or providing services are beginning to grasp the value of understanding their users and confirmation of hypotheses, before the beginning of the creation process.

The design of the user interfaces are designed for user interfaces. This does not mean that it is limited to a graphical user interface for computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Nowadays, the interfaces can be found in many other products, such as watches, washing machines, instrument panels in automobiles, vending machines, and much more.

We develop the interface, or experience, we must ensure that our users remain at the heart of this process.

It is almost impossible to separate the UX from UI or UI from UX.
But if you try, it is possible to conclude that:
UX design helps users to perform tasks in the environment of different platforms and services.
UI design creates an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that connect with people.

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