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5 Books On the History and Theory Of Graphic Design

Continuous learning is the key to a successful career as a graphic designer.
If you’re studying to be a graphic designer, already work in the profession or want to learn the basics of design, our reading list will be very useful for you.

Top 5 books on the history and theory of graphic design, which you should read in 2016.

1. Graphic Design: The New Basics ( Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips)

This revised and expanded edition discusses the fundamentals and best practices of graphic design, and it definitely deserves the attention of every budding designer. The website FastCo Design names Graphic Design: The New Basics top books a must read for every designer. PrintMag added it to the list of the best 25 books on design.

2. 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design ( Steven Heller, Veronique Vienne)

The book covers the top 100 most important moments throughout the colorful history of graphic design. The authors in chronological order, reveal all aspects of design from technical to stylistic. 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design discusses things which are constantly under the influence of the ideas of graphic design and how varied the methods of design over the past century.

3. Universal Principles of Design ( William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler)

The book covers the entire spectrum of universal design from the psychology of design to a detailed explanation of the Golden section. According to the author, this is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary encyclopedia of universal design. In the book readers will find a large number of images and clear explanations of the design concepts with visual examples. Regardless of the level, in Universal Principles of Design, designers will find something that will help in the work.

4.Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design ( David Dabner, Sandra Stewart, Eric Zempol)

The book is a must-read for beginners, it was conceived as a preparatory course textbook for graphic designers working with print, images and digital media. Reviewers repeatedly note the usefulness of given in Graphic Design School of design examples from magazines, websites, books and even mobile devices.

5. Design Elements, Color Fundamentals: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding How Color Affects Design ( Aaris Sherin)

In fact, this is the manual for the use of color to each designer. Design Elements, Color Fundamentals provides you with important information about color theory in the context of real world projects. This is a board book for a graphic designer, where everyone learns how to properly and effectively work with flowers as well as how to use them in customer projects.

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