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3D Printing Innovations

The idea of ​​three-dimensional printing appeared in the late 80-s of the last century and in the mid-90s was first implemented in projects designed for small-scale production. But the real boom of this technology started recently and 3D printing predict a great future. Of course, 3D printers is far from replicator of fiction, but some already know how.

Three-dimensional or, more often say, 3D-printing — is almost the same as printing on a standard printer, but with the addition of a new dimension — axis Z. If the conventional printer print head moves only the axes X and Y, that is, from left to right and top to bottom, the three-dimensional printing table printing or print head go down or up respectively.

Another secret of successful 3D print — special materials. Clearly, ink fails to put a figure because, depending on the approach to 3D printers use different materials. For example, this could be gypsum dust which alternates with a special adhesive solution that layer by layer printed taught at the table. Or it could be a special polymer that melts in the print head and layer by layer is poured on the same rolling table. And it can be metal, concrete, or something else entirely. A material for print better — look on.

More and more companies are involved in 3D printing. So much better — perhaps in the coming years, technology expects a new jump replicators will be one step closer to modern man.

The price of 3D printers is ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Everything depends on for what the printer is needed.

Fiction and reality today goes side by side. Let’s сheck with us latest innovations in the field of 3D printing technology which are presented on KickStarter Platform.

Snapmaker : The All-Metal 3D Printer

When it comes to 3D printers, reliability is a problem that bothers people the most. Its reliability Snapmaker bears in the all-metal design. Snapmaker comes with very friendly software for beginners in Snap3D. Simply drag a print file onto it or add other print files to do multiple items at a time. Simplicity and minimalism are tendencies of new century, good designers understand them and try to surround themselves with. Creation is a process of sensitive feelings, think how cool it will be to touch your idea and give it a shape.

Moai — Affordable High-Resolution Laser SLA 3D printer

Here we go! The next one is Moai. It is an affordable high-resolution SLA printer designed for makers, creators and researchers. It uses precise UV laser and galvanometers to cure photosensitive resins into 3D objects with smooth finishes. Why we like Moai is that you have complete control of its settings. Designers can adjust the power level, exposure, and movement to get the best results based on the precise resin being used and application of the finished product. Total control how you want things to be printed! What you imagine — that you will get!

Zimpure — Filtering solution for 3D Printers

Can 3D printing be ecological? Sure ! Are you ready to see Zimpure!

While you’re printing, usual 3D printer releases a big amount of fumes, as you may have already smelt. To overcome it Zimpure has a very efficient filtering system. We appreciate healthy style of daily life so with this new 3D friend you can take care of your health and enjoy incarnation of your printing projects.

Charles Hull developed the SLA-installation 20 century, it was the first prototype of the printer and it was such a long time ago, more than 30 years. They used stereolithography, defining the method of 3d-technology — material superimposed layers. Today we went much further, evolution brings technology to every house and office, makes it useful and easy for everyone. What prospects can 3D printing approach bring us? A lot! Starting from small design models and finishing with 3D printing buildings. Huge gap and great area for developing new projects. Try with us!

Thanks for reading us!

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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